Between Dirt And Dust

The clouds were glowing.  Huge and alive.  High up in the atmosphere the white clouds rose.  The dark ones were only on the edges, the sun reflecting wildly.  Floating on my back I could see the whole sky.  Shades allowed my eyes to probe.  A twisted skeleton, like Richard III.  A massive poodle.  Then a jet streaked through the blue sky and disappeared into a wall of white.  Faces were everywhere, like angels looking down.  Rain is always a threat in Texas when summer wants to heat up and the spring is still dense.  The Gulf of Mexico storms usually exhaust themselves on the other side of Ft. Worth.  The Brazos River provides a natural dividing line between northeast and southwest.  Between fast and slow.  Between dirt and dust.  The whole scene played out in the layered sky.  The cool water was clean. The shrimp and grits were savory again last night.  This morning, that has all changed.  The clouds are low and thin, the sun will burn them off by noon.  Could watch the red clay all day long.  Old players still have a chance.  Slow this thing down.  It was right to save the French.  Our complicated brothers and sisters.  They know revolution and evolution. They understand resistance. They know the underground.  They will never give up their language.  It is too beautiful.  All the flags fly proudly.  Broken windows all around.

No Generations

.disorientation of the order of things.
.take nothing for granted.
.all rotations are their own.
.this will not last.
.time will end.
.our time.
.anxiety and regrets rolled in the mud.
.schedules and agendas obsolete.
.no generations.
.no eras.
.decades, centuries, millennia.
.pushing work and cash around now.
.pride digestion and moments of joy.
.relationships initiated and maintained.
.plans of goals and actions.
.read respond, read respond.
.give your heart away.
.it is too blue for your own use.
.look through the eyes of others.
.understand them.
.the season came to an end last night.
.the hawks had a good run.
.the loud voice having fun.
.his stage is gone.

Cave Walls

.go on and pick a fight.
.wasting your time.
.cowards and talkers.
.citizens are concerned.
.aint nobody crossing the border.
.unless some dan guy lets them.
.if he can get your vote.
.the us mail is a relic.
.mailboxes should die too.
.the printing press served it's purpose.
.like cave walls, tree leaves, and scrolls.
.transferring knowledge is over.
.what we do with it all.
.is the inquiry.

.one day, all the information and images in the world will be accessible by everyone.  even the poor people!  the best search engine ever created will be attached to our thoughts through brainwave reading devices.  thoughts will automatically trigger the search.  the depravity of man finally transparent.  and woman.  our selfishness unavoidable and encouraged.  our questions immediately answered.  our desires immediately satisfied.  the preoccupation will leave the world quiet.  music will make no sound.  talking will become obsolete.  trees will thrive.  holograms will represent us in other places.  suffering will continue.  despite our plead for perfection.


Gazing With Love

already the wind is picking up.
leaves and dusty earth swirling around.
texas spring winds blowing cool and loud.
window seams and door footers hissing.

carnival callers all died off.
replaced by lit arrows and blue shirts.
communications and cops glowfacing.
using every possible space in the complex.
disco music and dinging noises.
wino hustlers and low rise jeans.
doctor office furniture and broken springs.
ice cream shop open til midnight.
and the outside smokers all have scowls.

the smiles and laughs of the young were real.
a father, showing them how it's done.
folks on the mend and busting out.
talking to one another and gazing with love.

Squares Of The Square

.pipe down there. .keep it quiet. .out back. .thats where the talking is. .this is the glow room. .only music allowed. .not that popping rap. .please. .like groovy music. .you know the kind. .time toe tapping by. .honking horns and dings. .electric light orchestra. .that strange magic. .cant get it out of my head. .the muse days. .golden and needy. .awkward lunches and press room presses. .clearly, we chose correctly. .the filming is underway. .relationships have been established. .characters of character are rare. .they might not even exist. .our movements are predictable. .our moods sway rapidly. .disappointment and regret. .jostled out of bed. .we are alive and we are kicking. .only tighter and tighter. .lean down and touch the floor. .palms flat. .release the arms from the back. .just fall. .because there is fire. .and there is wind. .for all on earth. .a huge chess game is being played. .rooks and knights. .bishops and pawns. .the squares of the square.

Space In Space

.we have reached the stars.
.we are among them.
.we have danced the last dance.
.twirled and twirled.
.smell of the mountains.
.wet and fresh.
.sand in our hair and on our feet.
.hours of leisure.
.memories to burn baby.
.scenes flash in my mind.
.we will illuminate the night.
.with words and truths.
.we will shout and stomp.
.four four time.
.check up on that harmonica player.
.throughout the entire song.
.we've never been in this space in space.
.no one has.

The Soul Knows

The reasonableness of it all, constantly reinforced and encouraged.
Conformity like a continental glacier, slow and undeniable.
The passive nod and nod.
Like necks on springs.
Surrounded by some sort of intellectual understanding.
The understanders are all around, shouting down the simple.
You are too simple minded, they say.
Mocking and superior.
Please know this is only my observation, I can only see what I see, hear what I hear.
Conclusions can only be drawn.
Not assumed.
Patriotic duties and true colors.
The eyes will always decide.
The more we try, the deeper we fall.
Forever, we free fall with no end.
Others will capture your heart.
Many will disappoint.
Only one will forgive.
Only one is good.
The pulse quickens, the soul knows.
This is for creatures, with instincts, lusts, and appetites.
This is for learning, from mistakes, missteps, and tragedies.
All through the night she glowed.
Preoccupied, but attentive.
Curious and authentic.


.the audience is tired and panting.
.the ludicrats are whining.
.their club is behind the times.

.colonialism was for the brave.
.demanding the law.
.electric blue and flashing.

.announcing the new age.
.venus was shining like a spotlight.
.gonna go march.

.you look up with a confused face.
.said you got a good deal.
.peace ain't gonna come.

.forgot to let the dog out.
.where the lily pads swim.
.all the searching for the gold.

.the fast and loose ain't around anymore.
.known a few girls.
.they are all done now
.each one it's own.

Tulum Waters

.clear as the tulum waters.
     .wave after wave after wave. 

.coming over from the island. 
     .been paddling since dawn. 

.ready for the big bonfire tonight. 
     .heard the server girls were coming. 

.after the late seating at la cruz playa. 
     .they got those margaritas that glow. 

.late night beach walk in barefeet. 
     .as always the ocean winds blow wild. 

.as ever the duos kissing and wandering. 
     .smelling of sweat and mexican lust. 

No Static Nature

thirty thousand years ago a rain drop hit the earth, somewhere near the canyon line.

dust kicked up as it made impact, quickly dissolving into the ground.

no lasting legacy, not really connected to anything, but the single most important event at that place, at that time.

we will debate the meaning of things, unlock mysteries of the mind, but we'll never completely fulfill our destiny.

never completely.

no static nature.

no static thoughts.

now is about execution.

Publishers Clearing House

...the dimmed glowing nights have been lifted. The twisters and grapefruit hail have been avoided. Turn our attention to the hypnotized and plead for them to listen. It is calling. It being the unknown source. Knowledge and faith colliding. Big bang? bet brother, a big bang to be sure. Loud and spectacular. But only for the attentive and aware. Rightousness can be demonstrated over and over and it will not matter. All for nothing. And everything. Liberating freedom and it starts every moment.....publishers clearing house, keeping hope alive....the answer to our current state of confusion. The drink for our current thirst. The shot for our current hope but gives no faith...disappointment assured. The suckers are in a never-ending line, trying to fill the empty void. Cash and cars. Chicks and rock & roll...and a sea of screens lit up the darkness...

Attached To The Sun

Started with a fire sky breaking through the dawn.
Clouds like a thin layer of webs, the dark ones far off.
Blue grows brighter by the moment as the black birds take flight.

The sun revealed and sirens in the distance.

Highway noise on the mixmaster.
Above, the sky is breaking into a glorious pose.

The breeze, still blowing cool.

Below, we flitter about, nervous and panting.
We swirl, we swoon.

Wake from your peaceful slumber, it is a trap.

Each day is a cosmic space ride.
We are attached to the sun.


.a permanent record
.the digital footprints
.guided by celebrity and consumerism
.motivated by satisfaction moments
.unaware of the future ahead
.as we all should be
.resting calmly for good reason
.truth is a powerful thing
.but resting gets old
.we think we are needed


.rest and shine even a dim light
.the way for one person
.it is worth your life
.knowing it will never end
.asked how I know
.that's the word
.deliberate is the pace



.gotta balance this ship
.raise the anchors
.find a drinking hole
.order a shot of moonshine
.light it on fire and shoot it fast
.wake up those insides
.clean up your attic son
.wash all the windows baby
.fire still burning in my gut
.mind is full of raw nerve endings
.beyond description and explanation

.if worthy
.if responsible
.if compelled

.spill it out
.tell em twice.

Hundred Stars Tonight

.assembled for an event.the lifting on a cross.worshiped hypocritically.pride stripped clean.but we got spirit.yes we do.the ability to reflect divinity.make divine choices.a direct channel to channel your misdirections.spiritulality takes guts.rates are high.the lakes are low.drink the is clean.drink the wine too.enjoy the day.dawn and dusk.count a hundred stars tonight.peaceful slumber.


.that's a paper mean they used to print the news on paper?....yep, billions and billions of trees I estimate over the years....oh my God, trees were killed to produce paper? was worth it, think of the value of books....what's a book?....look it up. call your friend and tell her the plan....already told talked to her?, but I told can't tell anybody anything without talking to them.....I texted her.....then say informed to be don't know what your talking least I'm talking......keep talking dad.

Tranquil Mob

.please please please wipe that smile off your face.
.don't you know people out there are suffering.
.all sick and depressed.
.ashamed and disgusted.
.worn by the years.
.jaded by the scenes.
.broken down and busted up.
.pride and stupidity collide.
.get some shelter from the storm.
.run through puddles and slide on the court.
.like novak.
.had my fill and wrote my words.
.sang my songs and smoked my smoke.
.not for now.
.these glowface and tranquil mobs.
.just let it out.accept the truth.
.mick told you about no no.
.driving in my car when that man came on the radio.
.I can't get no.
.no no no.

The Glowface Generation

...let it be known.  document accordingly, credit is due and expected.  this declaration serves as my ownership of thought.  the phrase glowface generation has been coined.  it defines a particular age group to be sure, but one that has grown beyond the common bounds of generational discription.  like a virus it spreads, exponential and broad.  connection on a global scale.  the world is at the fingertips.  and the face just glows.  hypnotic trances and busy minds.  the term, used as a noun, verb, or adjective.  what a glowface.  she's glowfacing while driving.  the glowfaced room was quiet and cool.  that's a glowface family.  the phrasiology opportunities stretch far and wide.  through it all the glowfacers are taking over the world.  good for them.  or good for us, i mean.  got a computer in my pocket.  cameras and video everywhere.  a more mellow generation has never been known.  content, but determined.  traditional decisions of limits and privacy will have to be reviewed.  definitions of writing and content mediums will need another look.  the dreaded middlemen will get cut out, desperately dragging as many down with them as possible.  i'll write this about the glowface generation:  they ain't a drag.....copyright/patent/trademarked/2013.

Microphone Jackson

.the arrangements are tight.
..added a solo verse with a haunting guitar..
...the message was too overpowering...
....directly from the seat of the soul....
.....that martin had a clean noise.....
.......minor chords filling the space.......

.the sword was the word.
..riffs and sounds never heard..  
...edgar winter group was big back then...
....mexican horns and strings....
.....that jumping part needs it's own stage.....
......backup singer sounds just like stevie nicks......

.my seagull's getting a tuneup.
..polish the frets and a perfect bow..
...sam houston died a sad man...
....should have never joined the yankees....
.....look south my frontier brothers.....
......covert designs and all......

.follow the moon.
..keep the peace as long as we can..
...hypocrites will talk of reasonableness...
....politicians will make back room deals....
.....leaders will smell of grease.....
......occupiers will rise again......

.double standards and broken promises.
..microphone jackson with stars in his eyes..
...the music of generations...
....layers of tracks of sounds....
.....they been claimed by the king.....
......soon they'll be going home......  


Buzzards Await

this life of wavering passions
seeking meaning, drowning rightousness
bitter pills and eventual humbling 
buzzards await the end
this we know
yet still we plead for acceptance
take me as I am
as if there is another alternative
calculations and odds
mercy only for those who submit
live like a poor man
needs confused with wants again
economies and politics 
one feeding off the other
until the days of reckoning
generations pass
each providing identity
the human instinct to associate
comfort somehow found
within the misery of others
tragic irony
of the brotherhoods 
and sisterhoods
only the lonely are free
free from expectations and conformity


...we are a glowtribe... ...we shine, shine, shine... ...minimalist and decadent alike... ...the officers are waiting... ...the mayor has declared... ...the ribbon is cut in two... ...the opening will be grand... ...and the evening lights... ...attire and leather shirts too... ...yes, this glowtribe will proclaim... ...we will splatter and shout... ...bitterness lost on the live wire...